The Champion Cypress Adventure


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WildNative Tours

Champion Cypress Kayak Adventure

Adults from $49, Children (U18) from $40, Tour Length: 4-5hrs
Create your own whitewater during this great half day adventure! Enjoy the thrill of exploring alligator infested cypress swamps in search of one HUGE Cypress – Alabama’s very own Champion Cypress. With a 27 foot base, the Champion Cypress is Alabama’s largest and an amazing site to behold. Not for the faint of heart or athletically impaired … Read More & Book.

The Bottle Creek Indian Mound Interpretive Kayak Tour

Adults from $79, Children (U18) from $64, Tour Length: 6-8hrs
This is a different sort of adventure! The kind where we paddle into the middle of no-where, then trek through the swamp and backwards in time to the Mississippian Tribes of the 13th Century. This is Chichen Itza before the tourists, and every bit as powerful. But there’s no guide ropes, no food kiosks, and the interpretive tour is really that! Read More & Book.

Delta Discovery Eco Tour

Delta Discovery Private Boat Charters
Explore the majestic Mobile-Tensaw River Delta with your own private charter, visiting numerous habitats and points of interest along the way. Departing from Live Oak Landing, travel through the middle Mobile-Tensaw Delta and experience the draw of the cypress and tupelo swamps and their delta magic. If you truly want to delve deep into America’s Amazon and learn about it’s secrets, this is the charter! …





*We believe in a Leave No Trace policy, in educating, and in preserving these amazing natural wonders for future generations.*