Live Oak Landing is a very unique 175 acre parcel with highway access and half a mile of waterfront, surrounded by County, State, and Forever Wild protected land encompassing a total area of approximately 1,500 acres on the Eastern side of the Tensaw River. A further 300,000 acres of pristine, highly diverse and protected wetlands lie to the West, helping to isolate the property from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wholly owned by Baldwin County and having recently undergone the first phase of a major facelift, Live Oak Landing has recently expanded with development that includes 28 RV sites, Primitive Camping, state of the art boat ramp, fishing piers, general store, event pavilion, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boat tours, catch and release fishing pond, a variety of other activities and events, all in the laid back relaxing atmosphere of the middle Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Prior to the County’s recent development of the property, Live Oak Landing has operated under private and public hands for over half a century, catering to local fisherman, hunters, and those looking to escape the stress of the city, and find some of their own ‘delta magic.’

Live Oak Landing has always been a family friendly environment, allowing visitors and locals alike to revive themselves amongst the serenity and charm of the delta. Quite often in looking to the future of a destination, it is meaningful to look to the past. Live Oak Landing was originally built on family owned land by John and Davida Hastie, in 1948. The Hastie’s operated Live Oak Landing for 32 years, during which time the Landing become a second home to their family and to the residents of Stockton, Alabama. A much loved safe space, many local children learnt to fish and waterski during the Hastie’s time, but more importantly, they also learnt about nature and developed a greater general appreciation and love for the uniqueness of the delta environment. In particular, Davida Hastie, according to her obituary, was “one of south Alabama’s foremost historians and a lover and preserver of natural resources. She was committed to and concerned for the environment long before environmental concerns became popular. She has left her mark on the woods and waters of this area which she loved so dearly.” This love of the natural environment was  passed on to the many generations who spent time at Live Oak Landing.

It is therefore vital for Live Oak Landing, now managed via a public / private partnership, to hold a new vision for the future that extends far beyond this first stage of RV amenities and Boat ramps, and instead encompasses the love for nature, history and education that has been a hallmark of Live Oak Landing from the very beginning. This new vision establishes Live Oak Landing as the Eco/Adventure destination for the South, and the leading gateway for eco/adventure experiences in the middle Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Taking a leaf from the Hastie’s book, day visitors and the local community will continue to have free access to the recreation area, while internally, the aim is to develop sustainable practices, infrastructure and educational programs which will not only benefit the local community and provide additional valuable resources, but also act as a draw for families, groups and experience seekers, looking for some of their own ‘delta magic.’

Eventually, as the concept and amenities at Live Oak Landing expand, the option for luxurious immersive experiences with an athletic edge, delivered in a natural sustainable habitat, may be provided. Live Oak Landing has the potential to grow into a creative multi-use site operating under various internationally recognized sustainable environmental standards, including LEEDS and ISO 14001. The setting at Live Oak Landing provides the perfect stage for Baldwin County to become a leader in the development of a sustainable tourism concept, benefitting the local community while simultaneously also raising the profile of our County and State.

As this concept expands, the options for outdoor activities will grow, as well as a focus on drawing groups and organizations to Live Oak Landing for tournaments and retreats. It is anticipated that many outdoor activities at Live Oak Landing will be provided in house through park management, subject to County approval, while offers will be extended to local 3rd-party vendors to complement what is already available. From the beginning the following activities are available:

    • Boat Ramp
    • Fishing Piers
    • Pavilion Rentals
    • Catch and Release Pond
    • Hiking Trails
    • Kayak Rentals
    • Disc Golf
    • Guided Kayak, Boat, Hiking & Tactical Birding Tours
  • Educational Classes including Birding / Nature based classes, Fishing instructional classes, Photography / Landscape Painting classes, Yoga and other similar classes.

Outdoor Activities that are targeted to be available as part of the future of Live Oak Landing include:

    • Playground
    • Ropes Course – Climbing Tree, low, high & zipline.
    • Electric Fishing Dinghy rentals
    • Paintball / Archery Tag / Pop Up Archery area
    • Pool
    • Guided Hunting and Fishing tours
    • Day Trips – Historical, Cultural, & Beach.
    • Other delivered or offsite services integrated with local business offerings.
  • Food Services eventually growing into an onsite restaurant.

In parallel with the growth of outdoor activities at Live Oak Landing, on site, unique accommodation options will grow to enhance the ability of guests to immerse themselves in, and appreciate our delta. Currently, primitive camping / back country sites and RV accommodations are available. Future developments in the primitive camping area will include Tree Camping and Glamping (Glamorous Camping) solutions. Avenues to integrate your stay with guided multi-day kayak excursions with camp stops across the delta will also be provided. For those less adventurous, a Glamping option will be available as stand alone, self contained cabins / tents as well. Other accommodation concepts under consideration subject to County approval include: Floating Cabins located along the edge of the Tensaw River that will fully immerse visitors within the delta, and Tree Houses that will provide a unique stand alone experience. Of course, a few basic necessities are available at our General Store, with more comprehensive food and supplies available minutes away in downtown Stockton.

Live Oak Landing is located only thirty minutes North-East of Mobile, Alabama, via the I-65 corridor, in North Baldwin County. Situated within one hour or less of three major public / private airports and only five minutes off the interstate, Live Oak Landing is easily accessible to all vehicles. The Landing is the perfect stepping off point for exploring and experiencing North Baldwin County, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, Coastal Alabama, and the incredible natural, cultural and historical diversity of this region.

John and Davida Hastie introduced the delta’s magic at Live Oak Landing to many generations of locals and visitors alike, and now, Live Oak Landing beckons you to stop by, bring your family, and create your own delta memories.